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I mostly write for TV. Sometimes I write features. And then other times I write short, strange comedy pieces for absolutely no reason. Those can be found below.   

Short Stories:

Suicidal Math Teacher (The Downs and Downs of Mr. Greenwald)

My Date With Gary Busey


Sex Ed

Heartbreak: A Vampire and a Mosquito

An Open Letter To The Wax Figure of Sofia Vergara

Life of a Haasler

Always A Bridesmaid, Never A Desk Lamp

What Really Happens When Girls Go To The Bathroom In Groups

The Feminist Wolf

Other Weird Things: 

How Many Houseplants Is Too Many? 10,000?

20 Things Every 20-Something Girl Should Know

Weekly Horoscopes For Strong, Independent Women

Things That Are Not Like Riding A Bike (And Why)

Real Housewives Reunion Seating: a 4 page scene

At Home With Gwen and Blake


Mating Calls

If you happen to be a Gilmore Girls fan, you may enjoy my Gilmore Girls revival spec: “Aliens Attack Stars Hollow!”