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Short Stories:

Suicidal Math Teacher (The Downs and Downs of Mr. Greenwald)

My Date With Gary Busey

Life of a Haasler

A Girls Weekend With Beyoncé and Michelle Obama

Sex Ed

Always A Bridesmaid, Never A Desk Lamp

Sorry I Turned Your American Girl Doll Into A Voodoo Doll Of Hailey Baldwin

What Really Happens When Girls Go To The Bathroom In Groups

The Feminist Wolf


Heartbreak: A Vampire and a Mosquito

An Open Letter To The Wax Figure of Sofia Vergara


Other Weird Things: 

How Many Houseplants Is Too Many? 10,000?

20 Things Every 20-Something Girl Should Know

Weekly Horoscopes For Strong, Independent Women

Things That Are Not Like Riding A Bike (And Why)


Real Housewives Reunion Seating: a 4 page scene

At Home With Gwen and Blake


Mating Calls



Konquering the Kardashians, comedy pilot available upon request

Amusement, comedy pilot available upon request

Broad City spec, available upon request

Gilmore Girls revival spec: “Aliens Attack Stars Hollow!”