Glory Album Review


Okay. SO. It has been a full week since Britney released Glory, and I would have posted a review at 12am EST the day it came out but I was like, OVER. WHELMED. 17 tracks is a LOT to process, so I wanted to give it due time. And if you didn’t purchase the deluxe version and only got 12 songs, you’re a fucking idiot. Seriously. You are dumb.

I have taken a full week to listen and form my thoughts, including an entire four hour flight with it on repeat and I think I’m finally ready to put out an official review.

  1. YAS
  2. BITCH
  5. EVEN
  6. GURL
  7. FUCKIN’
  8. SLAY
  9. DEAD
  10. BYE
  11. HATERS
  12. GODNEY
  13. WERKS
  14. THIS
  15. SHIT
  16. SO
  17. HARD

She would drop her mic, but it’s attached to a headset like a boss.


[images Breathe Heavy/Vanity Fair]