I Wrote My Own Gilmore Girls Revival Script, And This One Has Aliens

Screen Shot 2018-07-13 at 12.02.18 PMAs a huge Gilmore Girls fan, this was a labor of love (and silliness). I hope you all enjoy¬†Gilmore Girls: “Aliens Attack Stars Hollow!”

And in case you need to know where I stand personally, Jess > Logan > Dean > Marty > Paul From The Actual Revival > Guy Who Rejected Rory In The Laundry Room at Yale.

Oh, and Luke > Max Medina > Alex The Coffee Enthusiast > Christopher > Gross Guy Who Hits On Lorelai in the Pilot Episode > Jason Styles.

In omnia paratus!

Shiny Brads


Is there anything in the world that feels as good as holding a freshly printed draft? Massages? Okay yeah. Eating ice cream? Mmm, fine you’re right.

But STILL. New pages are right up there with massages and ice cream. I stand by that.