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The Bachelorette: Becca Kufrin

New! The Bachelorette premiere: 10 Things To Note


The Bachelor: Arie Luyendyk Jr. 

After the Final Rose recap: “So Stupid”

The Bachelor finale recap: “I Feel a Little Bit Like A Monster”

The Bachelor recap: “If Arie Proposed To Me Today I’d Say No”

Bachelor Women Tell All: “A Buffet of Glitter And Mic Drops”

The Bachelor: “What Did You Fly When You Flew?”

The Bachelor: “I’m Falling In Love With Falling In Love”

The Bachelor: “Krystal Lives In A Delusion”

The Bachelor: “Yeah, But It’s Just Bowling”

The Bachelor: “You’re An Old Wrestler”

The Bachelor: “This Is Like, Some Redneck Sh*it”

The Bachelor Premiere recap: “Please Tell Me You Don’t Have A Little Wiener”


Bachelor in Paradise Season 4

Bachelor in Paradise finale: “I Really Got To Take All Of Derek In Last Night”

Bachelor in Paradise: “Who Has The Better Vagina?”

Bachelor in Paradise: “Hot Mess Express”

Bachelor in Paradise: “Scallop Fingers”

 Bachelor in Paradise: “So I’m Left With The Scraps?”


The Bachelorette: Rachel Lindsay

The Bachelorette finale: “I Cried My Eyelashes Off”

Men Tell All: “Ocular Facts”

The Bachelorette: “Let’s Go Meet The Lindsays!”

The Bachelorette: “What Does He Want Me To Call Him?”

The Bachelorette: “Challenging, Not Difficult”

The Bachelorette: “Pillaging My Feelings and Raiding My Heart”

The Bachelorette: “Bye, Snaky!”

The Bachelorette: “I’m A Blimp Pilot!”

The Bachelorette: “I Hope They’re All In Speedos”

The Bachelorette: “The Only Leg I Have To Stand On Are My Two Legs”

The Bachelorette Premiere: “Whaboom, Son!”


The Bachelor: Nick Viall

The Bachelor finale: “Nick’s Desperate Search For Love”

The Bachelor: “I Might Be White But I’m Still A Minority” + Women Tell All

The Bachelor: “I’ve Never Had An Orgasm Before”

The Bachelor: “I’ll Hate You If You Break Her Heart”

The Bachelor: “My Heart Is Gold But My Vagine Is Platinum”

The Bachelor: “Don’t You Dare Overlook Me”

The Bachelor: “Tastes Like Victory”

The Bachelor: “Everywhere I Turn There’s Poop”

The Bachelor: “Everyone Is Rubbing Their Ass On Him Right Now”

The Bachelor: “He Held My Boobs, Okay?”

The Bachelor: “You’re A Wiener In My Book”


Bachelor In Paradise Season 3: 

Bachelor In Paradise: “We’re The Weird Couple”

Bachelor In Paradise: “All My Wish Bracelets Came True”

Bachelor In Paradise: “He’s Skinny But He’s Cute”

Bachelor In Paradise: “I Can Make Out With His Mind”

Bachelor In Paradise: “I’m Getting Dumped For A Lamp”

Bachelor In Paradise: “No One Falls In Love On A Horse”

Bachelor In Paradise: “Josh Has A Steady Diet Of Amanda’s Tongue”

Bachelor In Paradise: “So Do You Both Have Scoliosis?”

Bachelor in Paradise: “An Eagle Doesn’t Settle For A Pigeon”


TV Specials:

Golden Globes 2017: La La Land and Hidden Fences?

Oscars 2016: “What Does That Mean, To Play Us Out?”

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2015: “I Love Angel Dust”

Emmys 2015: “What’s An Olive Kitteridge?”

Miss America 2016: “Should’ve Been Us”


The Bachelorette: JoJo Fletcher

The Bachelorette: “We Overcooked The Meatloaf”

Men Tell All: “Sometimes You Choose Apples When You Should’ve Choosed Pickles”

The Bachelorette: “Country Clubs and Coloring Books”

The Bachelorette: “The Spicy Child”

The Bachelorette: “You’re A Cute Little Gaucho”

The Bachelorette: “Why Am I Crying?”

The Bachelorette: “You Can’t Find This With Text Messages.”

The Bachelorette: “Do You Want Ice Cream Or Do You Want A Steak?”

The Bachelorette: “Let’s Not Pretend I’m Hitler”

The Bachelorette: “If You Were Making A Protein Shake…”

The Bachelorette Premiere: “Bring On The Men”


The Bachelor: Ben Higgins

The Bachelor Finale: “I’m A Lost Man.”

The Bachelor Women Tell All: “It’s Hard To Watch It Back.”

The Bachelor: “We Woke Up As A Couple.”

The Bachelor: “I Was Like, Meant To Meet Ben.”

The Bachelor: “I Hope It’s Not All About Flying Kites Today.”

The Bachelor: “Come At Me, Bro.”

The Bachelor: “Whose Weave Is This?”

The Bachelor: “There’s Our Boyfriend.”

The Bachelor: “It’s Either Good News, Or Bad News.”

The Bachelor: “I’ve Never Been This Turned On In A High School Before.”

The Bachelor Premiere: “I’m Really Nervous To Date 25 People.”


Real Housewives:

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: “Being Broke Sucks And Being Rich Is A Lot Better.”

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: “She Loves Muumuus.”

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Premiere: “Thanks, Bitch.”

Real Housewives of Atlanta Premiere: “Lord have mercy.”


Bachelor in Paradise Season 2:

Bachelor in Paradise Finale Recap: “I love you too, Tanner.”

Bachelor in Paradise Recap: “He’s the worst sorta guy.”

Bachelor in Paradise Recap: “I’m on a boat!”

Bachelor in Paradise Recap: “Was it the arousing cheese?

Bachelor in Paradise Recap: “Karma’s a bitch”

Bachelor in Paradise Recap: “Does anyone know what’s going on?”

Bachelor in Paradise Recap: “Villains Gonna Vill”

Bachelor in Paradise Recap: “This Isn’t Church Camp.”

Bachelor in Paradise Recap: “Huh?”

Bachelor in Paradise Recap: “Joe is a funny, cool, awesome guy.”

Bachelor in Paradise Recap: Premiere Night 2

Bachelor in Paradise Recap: Premiere Night 1